Probate leads delivered to you

Our probate leads provide you with:

  • Case number
  • Probate property address
  • Estimated value of property
  • Dollar amount of total assets in the estate
  • Whether the Personal Rep has been granted full or limited authority
  • Personal Rep contact details
  • Attorney contact details
  • Heir information

How it works


Probate properties can be found once a petition is initiated at the county court level, but this can be a time consuming task that requires an adept legal research team that knows exactly what they are looking for.

Compiling court records for the better part of the decade, we have come across many real estate agents and investors that have become frustrated in their efforts to find probate properties through their own devices.

Court research is not the most pleasurable experience. And time is money. After finding a place to park and going through the Sheriff’s metal detector, you can easily spend many hours staring into a computer like it’s a movie screen. If you have questions, you’ll probably find that the court staff will give you some general direction to “paddle your own canoe”, but will not be all that supportive in your efforts to extract a probate properties list.

Can you find probate properties online?

Depending on your market, there are varying degrees of technology used by the Court or other custodian of records such as the County Recorder’s office. Some records are as primitive as a case file maintained in a manila folder. Yet even if you happen to work in a county that has digitized records, finding probate properties can be a recursive process.

For example, a county website may afford you the capability to search for a list of recent probate filings, but you would have to enter some information in your search query such as the Case Number. In order to find a Case Number, you would have to find a legal publication that publishes “Notice To Creditors” that often contain the probate case #. Another example is ensuring that real property is attached to the estate. This may require a specialized knowledge of court action terms or cross-referencing the deceased address against tax records to make sure that there is home ownership. Otherwise, your marketing dollars can be squandered on people that have lived in a nursing home… you don’t want to reach out to an estate that has no assets.

Depending on the volume of probate filings in your market, you can purchase a one-time “bulk list” of probate leads by date of filing, or subscribe to a fresh, updated list of probate properties. Since every county is different, call us at 909-315-5330 to get metrics and a custom quote in the areas that you service. Or, select your areas by filling out the quick form below. Privacy is your right and our duty – we will never share your information, nor will we inundate you with unwelcome solicitations.

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