Probate data records are continuously tested and cleaned.



Our data is unique in that we test probate records against property ownership data, so you aren’t left with messy, unreliable data.

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Real estate investors around the globe rely on us to provide clean, dependable, verified property ownership data, saving them countless hours.

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A New Standard

For decades, the industry standard has been messy. Excel files with entries that are hit or miss. We have changed all of that.

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what we do for you

Our online solution provides you not only with clean data, but plenty of professional guidance and mail merge templates to effectively contact property owners and increase your chances of making a great property investment.

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What you get

$99 gets you started

Start your account with 200 records for only $99/month.

Receive records monthly

Receive an additional 100 records per month after the first month.

Need more records?

Additional records are only $1 each.

Filtered results

Sold properties are removed each month from your account.

2 available categories

Choose results from the following 2 categories:

  • Probate leads with real estate
  • Probate leads without real estate
Print & send - or let us do it for you

Select and print your letters in seconds or let us send your letters for only $0.45 each as often as twice a month.

Start today for only $99!

Reliable ownership data.Probate leads of available properties only.

More than 25 Years of

data records
thousands of
properties sold
hundreds of
happy clients